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One Piece
Dragonheart287 - Fanfiction

Dragonball General/Non-Pairings Fanfiction

* Waiting

Just a short one-shot Vegeta POV fic.

* Lose Yourself

PG for language and mentions of violence
A songfic about the possible thoughts through Vegeta's mind before facing Frieza on Namek.

* Something Wrong With Bee

Fat Buu, Bee, Hercule; For Kwerbleburb
Something’s wrong with Bee. First he got fat. Then he didn’t want to play. What’s the matter?

Dragonball Mixed Pairings Fanfiction

* Haunting Memories in a Broken World

slight Mirai Bulma x Mirai Vegeta; implied Mirai Gohan x Mirai Trunks
PG-13 for implied shounen-ai, death mentions, distress
Trunks' nightmares of the past return for another night to haunt him, much to the distress of both him and his mother

Dragonball Het Fanfiction

Canan x Canon

* 13 YamchaxBulma Drabbles

Yamcha x Bulma
13 YamchaxBulma drabbles (each one around 100 words each), each one to a different theme.

Canon x Fancharacter

* Flying Lesson

Radditz x Ani (OC belonging to RaditzLover); For RaditzLover
After Ani successfully succeeds in catching Raditz whist he’s ‘meditating’ he must keep his end of the deal and teach her how to fly.

Dragonball Shounen-ai/Yaoi Fanfiction

* Don't Let Go

Radditz x Vegeta
NC-17 for yaoi and lemon
Leaving the party to celebrate the defeat of Buu to be alone with his thoughts, Vegeta is instead reunited with an old flame for one night.

* The Night Before the Morning After

Vegeta x Mirai Trunks
NC-17 for yaoi, lemon and incest
It's the night before he returns to his world and Trunks is feeling the sexual effects of the full moon. Then he finds himself outside Vegeta's GR...

* Special Training

Vegeta x Mirai Trunks
NC-17 for yaoi, lemon, bondage and incest
A little master/slave action in the Hyperbolic Time Chamber.

* Shadow

Maijin Vegeta x Vegeta, mentioned Goku x Vegeta
R for yaoi, twincest, lemon and mind games 
No matter how far you run or where you hide, you can never escape the shadows...

* The Consequence of Carelessness

Android 17 x Trunks
NC-17 for yaoi, rape, bondage and torture
Trunks lets his guard down for a second whilst facing the Androids. A second that costs him dearly...

* Since You've Been Gone

Gohan x Mirai Trunks
G, shounen-ai
For the past seven years all that's really been on Gohan's mind is Trunks but he doesn't have a hope of him ever coming back.

* Behind Closed Doors

Zarbon x Vegeta
PG-13 for alternate universe, shounen-ai, sickness, gore and character death
When Vegeta gets an unknown virus he is left to die. Only one goes back for him but now he's got to find a cure and try to avoid Frieza. Not easy!

* Lies

Radditz x Zarbon
R for alternate universe, shounen-ai, violence, mental distress, fictional religious themes and character death
With his memory gone, all Zarbon knows is to keep running as
Frieza wants him dead. What he did he can't remember. The voice in his
head knows though and it isn't going to tell him any time soon.

* Drinking In

Sauza x Zarbon
PG for shounen-ai, suggestive-ness and being a tad drunk
Zarbon refused to go drinking, so Sauza went to him.

* 50 Sentences - SauzaxZarbon

Sauza x Zarbon
PG for shounen-ai, suggestive themes and mentions of war/violence
50 unrelated sentences focusing on the Sauza x Zarbon pairing.

* Sewing

very slight Jeice x Zarbon if you tilt your head to the correct angle and squint; implied Frieza x Zarbon
PG for implied shounen-ai
He had come all this way especially to bother him and the selfish jerk wouldn't even acknowledge his presence!

* Disturbance

Raditz x Zarbon
PG; shounen-ai
Something strikes in the night.

* No Choice

Zarbon x Raditz
PG for  alternate universe, shounen-ai and character death
Fate can be a bitch sometimes.