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The Night Before the Morning After

One Piece
Dragonheart287 - Fanfiction

Only a few hours stood between the time that he would have to return back to his own world and now but Trunks was growing restless and bored already. It was late at night and he was aimlessly wondering the hallways of his home, Capsule Corporation, with his keen eyesight easily able to assist him in the dark as his bare feet padded softly on the floor.

As he went, he ran his hand over the smooth yellow wallpaper, knowing that the home he would return to would have rough uncovered walls that could collapse at any given minute. Compared to this place, his home back in the future world was a complete dump. But he loved it all the same and wouldn't change it for anywhere else.

Trunks stopped when he felt his hand hit a cold pane of glass in the window. Taking his hand away, he saw the smudged print that he had made on the clean glass and smiled. Reaching out a finger again, he drew a quick smiling face like the yellow ones that were printed on T-shirts.

It was childish, he knew that, but it was something that he had never been able to do back in his world because either there was only smashed glass in the window or he was running away from the Androids.

He looked out of the window and sighed, misting up the window a little bit more. A large full moon stood bright and proud in the centre of the sky, surrounded by the tiny stars that were just too many to count. Leaning his elbows on the windowsill, Trunks thought back to the stories that his mother had told him about the effect that the full moon had upon Saiyans. With their tails, one glance would transform a Saiyan into a monkey version of Godzilla or, what he often preferred to think of it of, King Kong with an extra kick.

It was only when he had been older that his mother had told him the other effect that the full moon had upon Saiyans. Strong mating instincts.

He could feel them even now, as strong as they always had been when he had the chance to stare at the night sky. But he had never followed them before, in a world of fear and confusion where every day could be your last there had never been time to take a mate.

Trunks' head snapped upwards when a new possibility hit him. Maybe there was somebody who would allow him to finally release the frustration and pressure that had been building within his body ever since he had reached the right age.

It was a long shot and he had a certain respect for the person that made him fear him a little. But he had to do this, he felt like he would explode if he didn't soon.

Trunks made a beeline for where he thought that this person might be, even though it was late into the night. Turning a few corners, he soon found himself standing in front of the doorway to the gravity room where his father would often train. Taking a deep breath, he pushed the door open and went inside.

As soon as he set foot inside, his knees and back bent to handle the enormous pressure that was suddenly put upon him. Trunks could see his father near the back of the room, wearing nothing but a long pair of black shorts, doing push-ups using only one finger with ease.

The prince looked up as he heard the door close to see the future version of his son fighting to stand up straight.

"You'll find it easier with less clothing on," he called to him. "What the hell do you want at this time of night anyway boy?"

"Nothing much," Trunks tried not to sound nervous as he slid off his shirt to find that what his father had said was true. "Its just that…well…the full moon is…is up."

"And you're feeling the effects," Vegeta concluded, looking up at him and stopping his exercise. "Why do you think I'm in here? The last time I looked at the full moon I damn well nearly killed your mother."

"No kidding?" Trunks bit his lip lightly. "I didn't know that Saiyans could get…so…"

"Would you spit it out already," Vegeta suddenly rose to his feet and came to stand in front of his son. "I'm sure that you didn't interrupt my training just to talk about my bed habits so what do you want?"

"I'm feeling the effects really badly this time," Trunks spoke slowly, unsure on what to say. "Unlike you, I've never been able to take a mate to satisfy my urges. I've held them back for so long, it's almost like its burning inside me now. I need to let it out somehow. So I kind of thought…that…you…"

"Would help you out?" Vegeta cocked an eyebrow as he finished off for him.

"Only if you feel ok with it," Trunks said quickly. "I mean, if the father-son thing feels too weird then I can find someone else once I destroy the Androids in my own time."

"Trunks," Vegeta shook his head slightly, amused. "You forget that I'm a Saiyan and I know how you feel. I know the pain that you're going through at the moment because I've been there as well. So, I will help you but only on one condition. This is a one-night stand, nothing more. You are not to peruse afterwards in anyway way, you will go back to your own time and destroy the Androids. Do I make myself clear?"

"Yes," Trunks nodded as he took in the heavy smell that had laid on his father's body after a lot on intense training. "Th-thanks."

"Good," Vegeta turned the gravity control down and flexed his shoulders as the pressure suddenly dropped. Trunks sighed lightly with relief as he felt the invisible weight leave his body. He stared at his father's finely toned body that he had achieved after a lifetime of brutal sparring sessions with various opponents.

He felt his breathing quicken slightly as he kept on sweeping his gaze over the older Saiyans body, pushed to perfection in any way possible. His mouth went dry and he suddenly felt a pair of lips upon his, brushing his mouth lightly in search of some kind of response.

Trunks moaned softly as he gave in and kissed back, nipping the bottom lip lightly. He shuddered slightly as he felt Vegeta's hands roam down his sides with their chilled touch, slightly damp from the sweat that had built up during training. When they reached his hips, they left and the demi-Saiyan heard the soft sound of his trousers being unzipped and suddenly his father's touch was back again as he hooked his thumbs over his trousers and underwear to slide them down his legs. Once they reached the knees, he allowed them to drop into a pool on the floor.

Deciding to make the most of it, Trunks cast his fear of his father aside and slipped his tongue into the prince's mouth to taste every single place that it could reach. He soon felt another tongue rub smoothly against his and so it turned into a wild passionate dance within the darkness that they had been sealed in.

A cold tremble suddenly rushed up the future boys back as he was gently forced backwards to press against the wall. Reaching back, Trunks rested his palms upon the cold wall to stop himself from crashing right through it.

A small noise of protest was heard as Trunks suddenly felt his fathers lips leave his. He slowly opened his blue eyes, pleading silently with him to continue as he saw that the usual cocky smirk had returned to Vegeta's face.

"Kneel down boy," the smirk widened as he spoke, quickly running his gaze over the naked body of the future version of his son.

"Wh-what?" Trunks was taken aback slightly. "Kneel?"

"Come now boy," Vegeta turned his head sideways slightly. "You didn't seriously expect me to play the bitch in this did you? Now kneel."

Trunks didn't reply but slowly slid down the smooth wall until his buttocks came into contact with the floor, his gaze never leaving his fathers face. He should have known that there would be a catch if his father had agreed so easily. Now he'd have to spend the time acting as the mans bitch.

"Good boy," Vegeta kneeled down beside him and pushed him flat on his back before taking his wrists and placing them above his head.

A shudder ran through him once again as he felt Vegeta's lips at the base of his neck, brushing against the bare skin. The soft kisses were trailed down his chest and over his stomach. He ground slightly with pleasure, allowing his body to relax completely as he felt the loving contact roam lower and lower down his body.

Suddenly his eyes shot open again and a low cry shot from his throat as he felt Vegeta's tongue run down his length. He arched his back as slight trembles of pain began to come mixed in with the pleasure and excitement.

The Saiyan prince quickly flashed his gaze up to Trunks' face and smirked as he saw one cheek pressed to the floor as his back slowly came back down, his eyes screwed shut as his body was suddenly hit with a mixture of new feelings and experience.

Vegeta chuckled lightly to himself, deciding to toy with the boy a bit longer. Bending his head back down, he took his length into his mouth and began to suck lightly on it.

Another cry came from Trunks, louder this time. Vegeta quickly snapped his eyes over to the door; half expecting to see Bulma or someone else burst in to investigate the noise but it remained firmly closed.

He decided to toy with him a little bit more, enjoying the moment. His tongue swirled around the source of the unfamiliar taste and he suddenly felt Trunks' hips buck slightly, pushing it a little further into his mouth.

Vegeta choked a bit and withdrew a slightly but still kept the cock of the now excited boy in his mouth. He raised his head slightly to run his tongue over the head and then nip it lightly.

"Ow!" Trunks cried as he suddenly felt a shot of pain run through his body.

"Something wrong boy?" Vegeta raised his head to look at the younger demi-Saiyan.

"No-no," Trunks was beginning to pant heavily. "F-father, pl-pl-please do-don't sto-stop."

The smile stayed on Vegeta's face as he took the length into his mouth and slowly sucked on it again, running the tip of his tongue over the head to draw out more cries and moans of pleasure from the boy from the future. He suddenly felt a warm liquid run down his throat as the younger Saiyan was unable to hold back anymore.

His face screwed up slightly as he quickly swallowed it and brought his mouth away once again.

"You look like you enjoyed that," Vegeta laughed to himself as he watched Trunks lying on the ground, his breath coming in fast and heavily as his body began to glisten with sweat from the lights that lined the room.

"I-I'm s-s-sorry," Trunks opened his eyes slightly.

"No worries," Vegeta toyed with his son even further by drawing small circles on his chest with one finger. "But I'm not finished yet. I just hope that you're ready."

Receiving a small nod, Vegeta took off the black shorts that he wore and slid on top of Trunks. He watched as the rises and falls of his chest grew quicker and larger with anticipation, his blue eyes only half open to watch his every move.

"First time?" Vegeta raised an eyebrow.

"I-I guess you cou-could say that," Trunks blushed slightly, he hadn't expected his father to ask that.

"There's a first time for everything I guess," Vegeta shrugged his shoulders as he prepared to enter his sons body. He was ready for him but wanted to leave him in suspense for just a little bit.

Trunks' eyes slid shut again as he rested his left cheek back onto the tiled floor again. Seeing his chance, Vegeta thrust himself hard into the younger Saiyans body.

This cry was by far the loudest as Trunks' eyes suddenly shot wide open and his head was brought off the ground slightly. The cry of sudden pain from feeling the intrusion into his body trailed off into a loud noise of unbelievable pleasure and his head soon relaxed again.

"I told you to be ready," Vegeta said as he brought his head down closer to his face, breathing the words onto his lips. Then he claimed them with a kiss again, going straight into the mouth without waiting this time.

Trunks' eyes slid shut again and he brought his hands up from the ground to touch and stroke his fathers neck and hair. He found that rubbing a particular spot just below the right ear brought out a deep purr from Vegeta's throat.

Balancing himself on one hand, Vegeta played with one of the nipples on Trunks' chest. Squeezing it and rubbing it between his finger and thumb to make it harden. He found that if he dug his fingernail into one area it would make the boy squirm slightly beneath him as his chest rose from heavy breathing.

The sharp feelings of both pain and pleasure kept on shooting up his back to leave a burning trail until they reached the very top of his throat. Then they would be released as soft moans and cries from his mouth as Vegeta thrust himself deeper and deeper into his future son's body.

Trunks decided to experiment quickly by tensing the muscles around his groin to see what that would do. Vegeta seemed to sense this and laughed softly to himself as he broke away from the kiss with a cruel smirk.

Taking a deep breath, Vegeta pushed himself forward faster and harder then he ever had done before, drawing out another cry which was filled with more pain and shock then anything else.

His blue eyes slid open slightly only to reveal that he wasn't finished yet. He could feel the body on top of him reaching its climax then suddenly Vegeta reared his head up to let out a cry that sounded like the excitement of a wolf that had found its prey and the seed was released into his body.

The future demi-Saiyan bit his lip. He wasn't going to cry out again. He wasn't going to seem weak. He wasn't going to scream. But he felt like he would explode soon if he didn't let something out.

"Father!" he opened his mouth to let out the horrific cry and he felt the last of his own seed spilling out into the floor between his legs. The scream died down and all he could do was try to get his breathing back to normal.

He felt one more push inside his body, just to tease him, before Vegeta gently slid away and sat beside him.

"Satisfied now?" the prince said with his famous smirk.

Trunks couldn't speak; he could only nod as he felt a few trickles of warm blood leak out of his body where Vegeta had been brutally tearing at the inner flesh.

"Vegeta!" Both heads snapped towards the door as they heard Bulma banging on the other side. "I heard Trunks screaming. What's going on?"

"Keep your hair on woman!" Vegeta called back as he stood and slid the black shorts back over his hips. "Me and Trunks were just doing some late night training, not that it's any business of yours. Go back to bed, I'll be there in a few minutes."

"You'd better be," the woman's voice spoke from the other side of the door. "You're grouchy enough in the mornings."

"Females," Trunks heard his father mutter, rolling his eyes as footsteps were heard leaving. "You see boy, if you go shooting your mouth off all the time, like your mother, you could end up in a lot of trouble."

"Sure," Trunks nodded as he sat up and reached for his trousers. "Father, will you miss me when I go back tomorrow?"

"I can't wait to see the back of you," Vegeta snorted as he went towards the door.

Trunks smiled as he watched his father leave. Knowing that it meant yes.