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The Consequence of Carelessness

One Piece
Dragonheart287 - Fanfiction


I hate that word! I hate it when it comes from him. I hate it when he speaks to me in my ear, I hate it when he touches me when stroking my hair, I hate it when he looks at me with those cold dead eyes. I just hate everything about him.

But I also hate myself for allowing this to happen. After everything that Gohan taught me about always being aware in battle I was stupid enough to let this happen. Some son of a Saiyan prince I am!

All I did was drop my guard for a second, just one second! But that was all the time that they needed to grab me. Looking at them, you wouldn’t expect them to be that fast. I’m a Saiyan warrior; I’ve been trained for battle since a young age so I am fast. I can move so quickly that human eyes can’t see me. But so can they and unfortunately they move quicker then I can.

What happened between then and now is all a bit of a blur. All I remember is them grabbing me; the female, Eighteen I think her number is, twisted one of my arms up behind my back and held the other firmly by my side by wrapping her arm around my waist. The one with black hair, Seventeen, yeah that’s the one, he put his hand over my mouth so that I couldn’t scream.

Who would have heard me anyway? There’s no one left, I’m the only survivor of the Android attack so far. I’ve tried and I’ve tried but so far they have proved to be far stronger then me and each time I only just managed to get away.

Until now.

The last thing that I remember is him pointing his finger at the side of my head. Not very threatening you may think but when you consider that there was some very hot ki energy gathering on that fingertip then, well, your heart would probably start to beat faster too.

He told me to keep still and to shut up, otherwise he would go after my mother and make me watch them kill her slowly. I love my mum so much, she’s all I have left, and I couldn’t risk anything happening to her. So I did what I was told.

The next thing I remember, I was here. Maybe I passed out somewhere, I don’t know. All I do know is that this certainly isn’t where we were fighting before. We’re inside somewhere now; there are machines all around most of the walls, each one looking very complex and high-tech. I actually wonder if we’re in Dr. Gero’s old lab as I can’t think of any other place where the Androids would hide out during their destruction. If this is Gero’s place I wish that I knew where it was. It would have made things a lot easier rather then having to wait for Goku to come back when I went in the Time Machine to warn him.

Wow, seeing all of them together like that back then. A group of people of all sorts coming together to fight, it’s really quite amazing I think. And I do believe that most of them started as rivals long ago. It’s kind of strange when you think about it sometimes.

But I also felt a little sad when I met them all, the partners in battle that I never knew. I was only a baby when the Androids came so I never knew any of them, not even my own father. Gohan’s different, he’s fought beside them in the past, and he knew them. He feels a sense of personal loss. But me, I feel – I feel –


"Are you even listening to me?"


I didn’t want to talk to him, not even that one simple word as I hear his voice dragging me back into reality, a reality that I don’t want to be in. Glancing up at him, I shudder as my eyes meet those cold mechanic ones of Seventeen before looking away as quickly as I can. I don’t even want to look at him, not when I’m pretty sure that I know what he wants me for.

The next thing I remember after them taking me was being woken by his voice in my ear, like just now. I felt cold then and I soon found out why, although in some ways I wish that I hadn’t.

I had been stripped of my clothing and chained to one of the far walls with my wrists above my head. They were heavy and aching but I soon found more things to worry about when he started stroking my hair and whispering sweet words into my ear. I have no idea where the other one, Eighteen, is. I guess that I should be grateful that there is only one of them here.

I guess.

"No, you weren’t listening were you. Too bad."

Even if I don’t look at him I can still feel that twisted smile on his face as his eyes look at my body. I want to scream at him, to fight, to get out of here. But, for whatever reason, I just stand still where I am and concentrate on a spot on the corner, counting the tiles on the floor.

Anything that will stop me focusing on him!

"I’d say that it’s about time that we got going, what do you say Trunks?" hearing this, I want to be sick but it all seems stuck in my throat. "Do you want to know what I’m going to do to you or shall we leave it up to surprise?"

A heavy silence falls as he waits a moment for any answer but I refuse to give him any, I still refuse to even looking at him. Inside I can feel my head and my heart racing as all these horrible different scenarios pass through my head of what he could do to me. As much as I try, I can’t focus my mind for long enough to try and think of a way out.

But I have to!

There is a sudden relief in my arms as they are released but as soon as this occurs, he pushes me forward a bit and binds my wrists together behind my back. The chains bite into my skin as they are wrapped tightly to keep me secure but I bite my lip and refuse to scream or give any sound of pain. I will not give him that satisfaction.

The next thing I know, he’s pushing me against the wall to press my chest up against the cold surface. I have to turn my head and rest my cheek against it to stop my head from being forced backwards.

As much as I try, I can’t seem to slow my breathing down much as he rests a hand on my shoulder to keep me pressed against the wall whilst the other trails down my spine slowly with one delicate finger until it reaches my backside. There his whole hand rests and it squeezes slightly to make my heart jump painfully into my throat.

"You do have a nice tight ass Trunks, did you know that?" I can feel myself start to shake slightly as he speaks, feeling his hungry glare on me all the time, toying with my mind whilst he gropes me roughly. "You’re going to be a good one."

Oh Gods! No!

Before I even have time to think, my legs are spread slightly by one of his as I hear the soft sound of a zip being undone. Then my throat catches painfully as I feel something hard being rammed right up me. I can’t stop myself, I try to scream but whatever caused my throat to catch a moment ago stops it so that only a gargled cry of fear comes out.

"Did that hurt?" his words toy with me as he pushes himself even further up my rear, my cry becoming strangled once again. "Get used to it, we’ve only just started."

I try to focus on something else, I try to take my mind off it but nothing can block the pain that shoots all the way through my body as he starts to thrust into me hard. His grunts and laughter mix together to become some maniac sound that I can’t describe, but it makes me scared. More then I’ve ever been in my life.


Gods! Why does it hurt so much?

He starts talking to me again, this time his hot breath coming heavily onto my ear as he takes me. I can just about hear him as I squeeze my eyes shut and try as hard as I can to take my focus away from the pain of him banging me against the wall harshly again and again. Most of what I can think about it not screaming so I bite my lip hard to try and keep it all in. I think I’m drawing blood.

"Scream out," as he whispers to me his tongue darts out to lick my earlobe. "I see you trying to keep it in. It won’t work Trunks, just let it all out."

No! No I won’t do it!

I bite down on my lip even harder, tasting the sharp tang of blood on my tongue and hunch my shoulders as much as I can to try to get him away from my ear as he starts to nip it sharply with his front teeth.

"Defiant are we?" I can hear the anger starting to build in his voice as I defy him. The hand pressing onto my shoulder suddenly slides down my back, his fingers digging into my flesh to break the skin and make me bleed.

It feels like a trail of fire being torn down my back as the long scratch marks sting and start to bleed but still I refuse to make any sort of noise. I was taught to withstand more then that.

He growls loudly behind me and he takes both of my shoulders in a firm grip to press me against the wall as far as I will go. He’s preparing for something, I know it. But what?

"Scream for me bitch!"

All that’s been gathering in my throat is suddenly thrown out in one big scream that makes the whole of my throat feel itchy and raw as he pushes himself against me as hard as he can, bright blue ki flaring all around him.

It feels like he’s trying to break right through me! I’m fairly sure that something has split, I’ve never felt anything this painful. The pain rushes all the way through my body to make my chest ache and my head spin, my eyes flew open but I can hardly see anymore as my vision has blurred. Through it all I can still just about feel the chains biting into my wrists and his fingernails digging into my shoulders.

Finally, after what seems forever, he withdraws slightly and my scream dies down. The room is then suddenly filled with a horrible silence except for the sound of our breathing. His is coming hard and fast whilst mixing with a cruel laughter whilst mine is shaky and shallow.

It’s only when I start listening to my breathing when I realise that I’ve started crying. Then I feel them; hot tears coursing down my cheeks as my sobs mix in with my panting.

No! Why did this happen? Why did I allow it?

"Good boy," he rewards me by running his tongue over my earlobe again. "Now get onto your knees."

At first I refuse, unable to move before he gets impatient and pushes me down himself. Slowly we descend to the floor, the pain slowly increasing again as he is still inside me. As we both come down onto our knees, he grabs my hair and roughly pulls my head back with such force I thought that he was going to rip it straight off.

But no, not him! He enjoys drawing out all the pain that he can from his victims, I guess that’s how he gets his kicks. Many nights the screams have kept me awake but there has been nothing that I can do about it.

Thinking about it, there I may never get the chance to do something about it. What is he going to do with me after this? Kill me?

I’ve got to get out of here! I’ve got to!

I can hardly think as he starts licking and kissing my throat roughly, probably leaving marks there. Slowly he moves up to my chin and then up to my cheek, all the while gripping my hair tightly and fondling with a few strands using the tips of his fingers. He stops with a small sound of pleasure as his lips land on one of my falling tears.

"What’s this? Tears?" he looks into my eyes, smirking that the fear that he sees. But this time I cannot turn away, I cannot close my eyes. I’m too afraid of what might happen to me if I do. "Come now Trunks, those will make your eyes all red and puffy. Hardly attractive for such a beautiful creature like yourself."


As much as I want to get away, I stay still as he slowly kisses my tears away one by one, licking my skin as he does so. Maybe if I just play his game things won’t be so bad for me, if I do what he wants maybe he’ll let me go. Me struggling would probably only please him more. Well, that he isn’t going to get out of me. He can make me scream but he won’t make me struggle to get away!

"No, not very attractive at all," he purrs as he nibbles on my earlobe one again. "But they do taste so good Trunks. So full of pain, fear. Just how I like my toys."

There is a slight grunt as he starts thrusting into me again, drawing a few more tears that he licks away again. His other hand that was around my chest starts to caress the skin smoothly, slowly moving downwards. As it brushes over my stomach, the breath hitches in my chest as I know what’s coming.

Gods no! Why me? Why?

Moving his hand faster, he runs it over my waist and down the inside of my right thigh. It brushes down my length briefly, drawing out a soft moan from me that I instantly regret.

"Like that do you? Then you’ll love this."

Running his hand back up my leg, he slowly pushes one finger inside me, exploring with it and running over practically everything he can reach. Within a few moments he pushes another in and then makes it three, all of them moving slowly up and down inside of me to touch and stroke whatever they can.

Oh Gods! Despite myself, I cannot stop the soft moans that escape my throat each time they push against something inside me. If it weren’t for the circumstances I might actually be enjoying this. It almost rivals the pain of him thrusting himself up my backside. So I try to concentrate on it, hating myself in the process.

He does something, I’m not sure what but I cry out when he does it, closing my eyes to try and keep my senses clear.

"I knew you’d enjoy it," he brushes his teeth over my skin, not biting me, just tasting me. Teasing. Giving me one last final stroke, he whips his fingers back out of me, drawing out another cry.

His mouth leaves me for a brief moment as he inserts two of the three fingers into his mouth and licks whatever substance may be on them off. But why two? What’s he planning.

"You know Trunks, you’re probably the best thing that I’ve ever tasted," I’m getting a very bad feeling about this. "Would you like to try?"

He holds the last finger up to my mouth but I won’t open it. I don’t want to play whatever sick game he has in mind!

But me refusing to open my mouth doesn’t discourage him one bit. Stretching out his other fingers, he squeezes my jaw joints hard to make my mouth open and slips the finger inside my mouth.

"Suck on that, lick it all off," he tells me, gripping my chin tightly.

Almost choking, I raise my tongue to start licking whatever vile substance he took from me off his finger and hasten to swallow it. The sooner I do it then hopefully the sooner he’ll take his finger out of my mouth.

But no, he keeps it in there. His movements start to become faster as he tears whatever he can find inside me. I’m fairly sure that he made me bleed some time ago, hopefully that’ll work as some sort of lubricant or something. I’m not sure how long I can last like this, it feels like he’s going to come through the other side of me at any second.

He keeps going, getting faster. I can feel his breathing getting heavier against my neck, mixing in with the sounds that I cannot contain any longer.

My eyes widen and I scream again as I feel him release himself inside me, crying out in immense pleasure as he does. Almost as if to vent out frustration or something, he attacks the back of my neck, grinding his teeth over my skin and giving short sharp nips until the climax of the moment passes and I feel his grip on me loosen a little bit.

A sharp gasp escapes my throat as he suddenly comes right out of me, takes his finger out of my mouth and stands, pulling his bottoms back on, leaving me kneeling on the floor in front of him. Gasping for breath and trying to at least loosen the chains around my wrists, I glance around quickly in search of some sort of escape route. True, if I play his game then I may just get out of here but I see no harm in looking for a backup plan.

If there is another way to get out, I don’t get the chance to see it as he grabs the back of my neck and forces me to stand. My back arches slightly as I attempt to twist out of his grip but he holds me firmly. My whole body feels sore and my wrists are starting to ache from being tied up but somehow I get the feeling that this will soon be the least of my worries.


Almost automatically my feet start to move as he guides me forward to where he wants to go. What exactly he’s going to do to me, I don’t know and I can feel myself fast approaching the point where I couldn’t care less about what he’ll do.

He guides me across the room and through a door that opens automatically when we stand close enough. As he pushes me down the hallway my feet almost sting as they stumble across the cold tiled floor. My whole body still feels sore with a burning pain but I do my best to try and block that out. What else can I do about it now?

"The rules are very simple here," as I hear that horrible mechanical voice again I’m also aware of a hand roughly starting to grope my backside again. "If you behave then things won’t be too bad for you, but if you’re bad then you get punished. Got it?"

What kind of sick machine is he anyway? Leaning in closer, he talks into my ear again.

"Personally I hope that you behave," he kisses the back of my neck and then one of my shoulders. "Scratching that wonderful back of yours was bad enough, I hope that I don’t have to scar your pretty face."

I still don’t dare say anything, what good would it do anyway? Instead I cast my eyes downwards as he pushes me further down the hallway. I don’t know where he’s taking me but I don’t have any doubt that he’s not letting me go just yet.

"Come now, you needn’t look so sad," no doubt that the look on his face is mirroring the nasty tone in his voice. "We’re going to have some fun."

My eyes close, knowing what this means. This guy makes me sick! What on Earth could possibly happen to a person to turn them into a monster like he is?

He was made an Android by Dr. Gero, that’s what. I wonder what sort of twisted mad scientist he was.

"You know, I’m actually glad that you were able to stay alive all this time," I’m not sure whether I’d rather concentrate more on his actions or his words. "I mean look at you. Soft hair, smooth skin and the most gorgeous eyes. That tight ass of yours makes for such a good fuck, not to mention that you’re the best thing I’ve ever tasted. Yes, you’re the perfect sex toy aren’t you?"

There’s that word again; toy. Making me sound worthless, like I’m nothing. Just something there for his personal sick amusement, to do whatever he pleased with. Maybe it’s a good thing that my father is no longer around, if he ever found out about what a disgrace I’ve become he’d probably kill me.

Then again, maybe I’d prefer death to this.

But I know that love isn’t always pain, I do. Gohan showed me. I remember, it was the day before he was killed.

He came to me that night but he seemed so serious, almost as if he knew of his fate. It scared me in a way. I remember what he said, he had said that there was a lot of evil in the world now and that they could use things such as love against us. Abusing it and twisting it to make it seem ugly and wrong to us.

He wanted to make my first experience of love a happy one, so that I could remember it as being good not bad. I was a little scared back then; I didn’t really know what he meant at first. But I trusted him, I knew that he would never even dream of hurting me.

And he didn’t. He was so gentle that I almost forgot about the pain straight away. I remember how soft his lips were and how cooling his touch was. I felt a little strange but he told me that it was OK to feel like that. That’s just how love was.

I fell asleep with him holding me and stroking my cheek, whispering gently and telling me that things wouldn’t always be as bad as they were now. That someday there would be peace again, that I gave him the hope and the strength to go on.

That was the first and last time that we were ever really together like that.

There is a hiss as another door opens and my eyes, feeling like small dead balls in my face, look up to see Eighteen lying on her bed reading something. She puts it down as we enter so that I can’t see what it is. In some ways I feel a bit of disappointment at this as it could have served as something to temporarily keep my mind occupied.

"Here you go sis," he pushes me down to my knees on the floor. "He’s all yours."


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