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'Special' Training

One Piece
Dragonheart287 - Fanfiction

He tried to tug on his chains again but they still held him firmly to the wall, refusing to give way and set him free. A sickening nervousness rose from his stomach to make his chest heave and his breath heavier. As well as this, Trunks found that he was trying to keep his legs as close together as possible. He was nervous and slightly afraid but, in his current position, who wouldn't be?

His wrists had been brought up above his head to be chained to the wall and two strips had been torn from his sheets. One was secured over his eyes to blindfold him and the other had been used to gag him, the material rubbing uncomfortably against the corners of his mouth from where it had been pulled tight.

What disturbed Trunks the most was the fact that he had been stripped of his clothing from head to toe. Not only that, it had been his own father who had done it!

The sound of a heavy door opening caught his attention and Trunks automatically raised his head even though he knew that he wouldn't see a thing. Hearing footsteps approach him, a shudder ran up the boys spine as he remembered how easily his father had managed to get him in here, targeting him whilst he slept after another harsh day of training for the upcoming Cell Games.

He also remembered how he had said something about 'special' training.

The gag muffled Trunks' sudden cry when he felt a hand covered with some sort of rough leather run down his chest.

"You like that huh?" he recognised Vegeta's voice, accompanied by a low laugh.

The hand began to slide down his stomach, going slower and slower all the time. Trunks could feel his breathing get harder and faster as the hand got nearer to his crotch.

No matter how hard he tried to mentally prepare himself beforehand, Trunks still let out a muffled moan as the hand slid down to stroke his length. Feeling the fingertips press down hard as they stroked him slowly, Trunks reared his head up as fragile shivers of pleasure began to vibrate up his spine.

Breathing hard through his nose, he moaned louder. Even though he had found himself forced into this with no say in it at all, Trunks found that the building pleasure was too much to ignore.

And the way his father was running his hand up and down his length. Could the man go any slower then the way he was now? But, knowing Vegeta, he was probably doing it just to torture him.

"I thought that you'd enjoy that," Trunks couldn't help but pick out the seductive tone that his father's voice held.

Suddenly the small tremors of pleasure erupted into gigantic waves that tore all the way up his back as Trunks felt two fingers slide into his body. As Vegeta slowly circled the two fingers around before pushing further, Trunks cried out despite the noises being blocked by the cloth around his mouth.

A certain spot inside him was pressed against to make the boys back arch and toss his head back like a rearing horse. The awkward feeling in his chest tore up to his throat to make him feel slightly nauseous and he found it difficult to breathe seeing as his mouth was covered.

Trunks twisted slightly, unsure of what he wanted. This was his father, wasn't incest wrong? But then again, he wasn't technically the man's actual son. He was a future version; his own father had died on a fight against the Androids. But, in another sense, weren't they both the same anyway, one had died and the other hadn't was the difference. It was all too confusing.

But he found that he just couldn't ignore the enjoyable feeling of the pleasure spot inside him being pressed down hard to send hot burning trails tearing up his body to jerk against his chest and throat, fuelling his desire and want.

He suddenly felt heated flesh coming against his, pressing him back against the cold wall that he was chained to. It was covered with something but Trunks could still feel the heat radiating from every muscle. The strong scent of a Saiyan in heat flew up his nose and down his throat to make him cough slightly.

"Listen carefully," Vegeta's breath came hot in his ear as he spoke, sliding a third finger inside Trunks' body to make him writhe like a worm in a hook. "This can go one of two ways. You can either agree to behave like a good slave and get rewarded or you can try to fight some more and receive punishment. I get what I want either way, it makes no difference. So which one is it going to be?"

As he felt the gag being removed, Trunks let out a short gasp as his father removed the fingers from his body and gently ran the tip of his tongue over the raw and grazed flesh at the corners of his mouth.

Even though he still couldn't see, Trunks knew that Vegeta was still stood in front of him waiting for an answer. He still wasn't sure about any of this; he had been forced into it. Wasn't that rape?

But something at the back of his mind was nagging him about it. With all moral issues pushed aside, he could now feel an empty space inside him where Vegeta's fingers had been before. He felt as if he was on fire inside, he needed to feel something else inside him, he just had to.

And Vegeta was the only one who could provide it. Plus, he knew full well that the door leading out of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber wasn't going to open for a further three months. What choice did he have?

"I-I agree."

"Good boy," even with the blindfold still on, Trunks could tell that there was a sly smirk on Vegeta's face. "I'll remove the blindfold and chains but when I do you are to wait for my instructions and will do nothing but follow them. Do you understand slave?"

"Yes fath-" before Trunks could finish his head was snapped sideways, twisting on his neck as a sharp slap was delivered onto his cheek.

"You will address me in the proper way!" Vegeta's voice was harsh but quickly changed back to the cruel and playful tone that it had carried before. "Come now boy, play along. Surely you've at least heard of this master and slave thing. You'll enjoy it, I promise."

The breath caught in his throat slightly, the stinging in his cheek starting to fade slightly. He had heard of this master and slave stuff but had never tried it before. In fact, he had never really had sexual intercourse with anybody before, there was too much to worry about in his world with the Androids terrorising the Earth.

But, on the other hand, there was a first time for everything. If he lost his virginity to his father then so be it.

"Yes master," Trunks nodded once as he rephrased his answer.

"Good," as his father spoke, Trunks could feel his hands reach behind his head to untie the blindfold. As the material was taken away, Trunks squeezed his eyes shut as the brightness of the white walls flooded his vision.

When he did open his eyes, he blinked a few times until his sight became properly adjusted. It was then when he actually saw Vegeta, his eyes widened and his mouth hung open as he gazed at the sight before him.

Vegeta was dressed in tight black leather that hugged his body, just like pictures that you got on adult websites. The tank top that he wore over his chest was crossed with chains and handcuffs, obviously meant for the captive boy. His gloves and boots were of the same style but in a black colour and the outfit was completed with a pair of black leather hot pants.

Where this had all come from Trunks had absolutely no idea. Then again, he wasn't exactly sure if he wanted to know.

"See something you like slave?" like his voice, Vegeta's smirk had a seductive essence to it as he watched the future boy's mouth slowly move up and down.

When no reply came, the prince reached out to release the chains that held his slave's wrists to the wall. Feeling the sudden relief, Trunks bent forward slightly to bring his heavy aching arms down and rub them gently.

Vegeta watched in amusement at the sight of the boy from the future massaging his arms, trying to get some feeling back into them. Reaching out a hand, he couldn't help but notice that the boy's actions suddenly froze when he touched his shoulder.

"I wouldn't worry about your arms too much slave," Vegeta told him, using the other hand to push some of the long lavender hair behind his ear. "You've got more important things to worry about. Now get down onto your hands and knees like the bitch you are."

Trunks' eyes remained trained on his father as he slowly sunk down to carry out the order. He was right; there certainly were much more important things to worry about. Lowering himself he crouched down on his hands and knees and stared at the floor, nervous about what was coming.

"Don't be so scared," Vegeta told him, trailing a hand down the smooth skin on his back. "Trust me, you'll enjoy this."

The boy's heart rose into his chest to make him feel slightly sick with nerve as he heard his father stop by his presented backside. Running one hand over the buttocks, Vegeta slid the hotpants off and prepared to take the boy.

The future boy tried to relax himself as much as possible, thinking that it might not hurt as much if he did but still screamed out when he felt aroused flesh being forced up his backside. Small spots seemed to dance before his eyes as the sudden pain tore all the way up his back and heaved into his throat.

As Vegeta thrust himself in and out of the body, grunting slightly as he did so, he listened to the boy's cries of pain filling his ears. Reaching out a hand to trail one finger down his spine to send shudders down his slave's body, he smiled to himself and lightly ran the tip of his tongue over his top lip.

These cries were enjoyable, much more so than he had first thought.

"Cry out slave," Vegeta ordered as he roughly pushed himself further into the tight entrance. "Scream out, now!"

The scream that followed was much louder then before as Trunks reared his head up to toss his lavender hair over his shoulders. Hs chest was heaving up and down as he struggled to breathe properly sweat beginning to glisten slightly on his body from the suddenly humid air.

"Mercy - mercy - please -" Trunks managed to cry out. "Please. I - I beg you. Please."

"That's it slave, you keep on screaming for mercy," Vegeta said, all the time going deeper and deeper into the boys body with the most brutal and forced thrusts. "Scream for mercy that will never come. No matter how loud or how much you scream, I'm going to be the only one who hears it in here."

"Please - please master," Trunks tried to continue but his pleas just ended in a moan that held a mixture of both pain and pleasure. It hurt like hell, there was no denying that. But he didn't want him to stop either.

It did hurt at first but as the feeling of his father inside him raced up his body it seemed to melt away in the flames of passionate fire to escape through his mouth as loud moans of pleasure.

Trunks spread his shaking arms to try and give him more support as he hung his head, fighting to breathe. As he quickly got used to it, it felt good. The most enjoyable thing that he had ever experienced. But it still continued to knock the breath out of his lungs as he was jerked backwards and forwards each time Vegeta slammed into him again.

Vegeta listened to the boy's cries with sheer pleasure. It was obvious that he wasn't going to plead with him any more, he just didn't seem to have the breath for it.

Like him, Trunks seemed to be enjoying the moment. Perhaps a little too much maybe. Vegeta frowned slightly at that thought, he had preferred it when the boy had been screaming in pain and begging for mercy. Maybe it was time to change tactics.

After all, there were other ways of getting what he wanted.

As another painful trust came, Trunks' breath caught sharply in his throat again and came out as a short gasp. But then he suddenly felt Vegeta leave him all together, making him feel strangely empty inside and wanting more.

"Master?" he gasped out, unsure of what was happening.

Another low laugh came from Vegeta as he stood and watched Trunks still crouched down on his hands and knees. His arms were shaking a bit, his chest was heaving and sweat dripped off his forehead and onto the floor.

"Well done slave," Vegeta rewarded him by stroking his hair. "You did well during that little warm up."

Trunks' blue eyes widened as his head shot up to stare at his father. That was a warm up? Then what was going to happen next?

Almost as if answering his question, Vegeta bent down to pick up the boy in his arms and carried him over to the nearest bed. Placing him down on his back, Vegeta detached the handcuffs from his top and secured one end around Trunks' wrist. Winding the rest through the metal bars at the head of the bed, he clicked the other end around his slaves other wrist, which had been brought up ready for him.

Vegeta smiled to himself, impressed with the way that he was playing along. Although it would have been fun to force him into it, this was still enjoyable. Either way, he could still get the boy to cry out for him.

"So tell me slave," Vegeta's tone was low and seductive as he sat on the boy's stomach, wrapping his arms around his neck and shoulders to bring the upper part of his body up slightly. "Are you going to behave?"

"I will do as my master commands," Trunks responded, trying to shift his shoulders slightly to make his arms feel more comfortable.

Vegeta slowly ran a hand down Trunks' chest, taking in the feeling of every curve and muscle that he touched. The body beneath him shuddered as he reached the bottom of his stomach.

Removing his hand, Vegeta slid the tank top off and let it fall to the floor beside the bed, leaving him completely naked except for his gloves and boots.

Reaching out, the prince lifted up the boy's head until the tips of their noses were almost touching. A sharp gasp of surprise slipped out when Trunks suddenly lurched his head forward to capture Vegeta's lips with his own, running his tongue over his bottom lip before diving inside his mouth.

Vegeta tensed slightly, unsure of the new events but quickly relaxed and reacted back to the kiss. As Trunks leaned in closer to explore deeper into his mouth with his tongue, Vegeta lifted his own to push it back and remind his slave of his dominance. Obediently, Trunks allowed himself to be rejected from further entrance as the two tongues danced in-between the two souls and their lips slid over each other.

Flexing his shoulders slightly to try and prevent them from going numb, Trunks breathed out hard with sudden shock as he felt Vegeta harden against his leg. He had certainly been serious about before only being a warm-up.

Like before he tried to relax himself but still screamed with the sudden sharp pain that bolted all the way up his body when his father broke the kiss and entered his lower body.

"Still sore from last time are we?"

Trunks opened his eyes, his vision blurred to see a hazy image of his father above him. They closed again with another cry as Vegeta thrust himself against the boy's thighs once again.

"That's it slave, keep on screaming," Vegeta smiled at the sight of his son writhing and screaming out in pain, still not recovered from the last time. "Scream as loud as you can, no one will come for you. The only person to hear you shall be me."

He continued to bang his hips hard against the other pair to thrust himself in and out of his slave, drawing out a cry each time. Before too long, they started to sound like something in-between the pain and the pleasure. No matter though, it was enjoyable non-the less.

Another thrust came and a pleasure spot inside Trunks was suddenly hit, causing his back to arch and his eyes to screw up even tighter. Stretching his head back, he ran one side of his face up his outstretched arm to try and wipe away some of the forming sweat only to find that his whole body was beginning to become covered with it as the air around them began to grow hot and humid.

Every time he felt Vegeta push against the pleasure spot that he had reached, he cried out. This time, his cries were filled with a little more pain. The first time it had just been up the backside but now his father was pushing against a much more sensitive area.

And yet, despite the pain, he didn't want it to stop. As well as painful, the feeling of his father's length inside him felt so good, like something that he had never experienced before. He just couldn't describe the things that he was feeling right at this moment, all he knew was that he wanted it to continue.

Every time another thrust came, he would obey his master's orders by crying out as loudly as he could even though he could feel his throat start to feel sore.

His father withdrawing slightly and then thrusting forward harshly back into him threw a mixture of feelings and emotions at him all at once to make his head spin. His throat felt sore and his voice was beginning to sound strained as he cried out again and again to pleasure his master further. But his cries still continued to come, assisted a little by Vegeta's flesh rubbing against his gentiles as he thrust himself forward again and again. The tremors running all the way up his body held the feeling of pain and pleasure, fire and ice, wrong and good.

His breathing slowly became heavier and heavier, his chest rising and falling with it. His arms had gone completely numb from being chained above him but that was one of the last things on his mind right now.

Something wet and slightly sticky started to slide down his leg and stain the white sheet that he lay on. He had no idea where exactly the blood was coming from but guessed that the tissue inside his body must have reached their breaking point. But, at least it helped in dulling the pain a little.

And so it seemed to go on and on around the two Saiyans. The air around them was hot and the atmosphere humid, making sweat gather to reflect the light and make their bodies glisten.

The bed beneath them shook in time to Vegeta's movements and it was a wonder that the legs didn't give in altogether. The only sounds that came, apart from the shaking, were the noise of the heavy breathing from both of them as well as Trunks' cries and Vegeta's soft moans as he pushed deeper and deeper through the tight warm skin against his length.

Suddenly, animal like cries started to come from Vegeta as he arched his back, feeling the pressure inside him become almost unbearable. Hurrying now, he banged his hips against those of his slave harder and faster then before to force himself in as far as he could.

His cry grew louder as the pressure overtook him and he released his seed into the boy's body, drawing out another loud moan. Feeling the strange alien presence suddenly being injected into his own body, Trunks' feeling of pleasure seemed to bolt off the chart as he followed suit, staining the sheets and part of his father's leg.

As the cries died down, Vegeta slowly relaxed his body and brought his head down to look at his future son. Smiling as the blue eyes slowly slid open, he carefully withdrew himself and slid off the body beneath him to stand on the cold floor with slightly shaking legs.

Relieving Trunks from the handcuffs and tossing them to the floor, Vegeta whipped the stained sheet out from underneath him and used it to cover the naked body.

"Well done slave," the prince stroked some of the mattered purple hair out of the boy's forehead. "You did well for your first time."

Trunks sighed quietly to himself and closed his eyes again to allow sleep to claim him. However, his eyes flew open again as Vegeta's hot whisper reached his ear.

"Get your rest. Tomorrow will make tonight seem like nothing."