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One Piece
Dragonheart287 - Fanfiction

I stand alone in the icy waters as the shimmering surface reflects the stars in the moon less sky and listen to the soft splashes against my leg which chill me to the bone. I hear nothing else except for the brief call of some bird which quickly falls silent when no reply comes to its squawks. The wind suddenly picks up and I feel a few loose hairs come out and whip around my forehead. As I lift my head towards the pitch black sky, embodied with countless stars, in an attempt to shift the hairs back into place, I feel my boot covered feet sink slightly into the bottom of the lakes cold shallows.

Who am I you ask? Well let's just say that I am not your average person for I am not of your world. My name is Vegeta, Prince Vegeta to you. I come from a planet thousands of light years away from the one you call Pluto. I don't remember much about what the planet looked like as my father usually ordered me to stay on the palace grounds but I would often sneak out to explore the vast forest that was only a short run away. Despite its towering green canopy, that could hide the tallest of beasts for its whole life without it ever being found, I was often caught and got into big trouble.

If you haven't guessed by now, I am an alien. I'm part of a nearly extinct race of Saiyans: a race that resembles you humans but with a monkey's tail wrapped around our waist's and a lot more muscle. We were superior in strength and our rule over the galaxy grew steadily but soon my father got mixed up with a powerful lizard-like tyrant named Frieza.

One look at him and he'll haunt your nightmares for the rest of your life. His form is like a lizard on both hind legs with two large horns on his head. His eyes seem to shoot fire when making contact with yours, his large tail is as lethal as a thorn covered whip and when he summons you, it feels like hundreds of needles and pins, cutting into your whole body. His strength was more than any Saiyan had ever imagined so we soon found ourselves under his evil command. After twelve years of his ruthless rule, many of us had perished and I was taken from my father and forced to work as his slave under the threat that my father would be killed if I didn't do what I was told.

The Saiyan planet was now just a vast sphere shaped desert with corpses of many Saiyans and beasts spread over the ground. We were sent in groups to other planets with orders to take control over them in Frieza's name.

After around ten years, my body bore many gruesome battle scars and my strength had more than doubled when I was presented with the news that a shower of meteorites had hit my planet and so it had been completely destroyed. That is to say that it had been blown up but there had been three survivors, me, Nappa who had been the head of my fathers army and the son of one of our top scientists, Radditz. There were also rumours that Radditz's little brother, Kakarott, was still alive and on a planet called Earth.

I, however, thought something else of that meteorite story for it was a well known fact that Frieza had always hated the Saiyans so my suspicion is that he had something to do with the destruction of my home planet.

Ever since that day, I have waited for the day when I will finally have the strength to defeat the monster who plunged my world into grief and hatred. I wait for the day when I will be able to destroy the beast who made me utterly helpless to defy my father's death, made a mockery of my royal name and forced my to hold back the tears of my pain under the threat of death. Every night I come to this lake to stare at the stars and wait.