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Drinking In

One Piece
Dragonheart287 - Fanfiction

“You’re drunk,” Zarbon was blunt but he had to laugh as well. He had seen Sauza drunk before. It was a rare occasion, the general of Lord Cooler had a high tolerance for alcohol but he had seen a drunken Sauza despite this. And it never failed to amuse him.

“Says who?” the soldier looked up at him from his position sat on the floor, leaning back against Zarbons legs. His eyes were a little unfocused and his hair was slightly messy from where he had been running his hand through it. Zarbon had noticed that it was a little thing that Sauza tended to do after a little too much drink.

“Says those,” Zarbon nodded over to a pile of ten bottles in the corner of the room. Nine of them were empty, while the tenth still containing a bit more liquid. He wrinkled his nose a little. “You’re going to stink out my quarters with that stuff. Why couldn’t you go drinking at the bar with the rest of them?”

“Because you weren’t coming,” the blonde twisted around, resting his head in his arms on Zarbons lap.

“I didn’t really fancy having to drag Dodoria back after he put himself under the table.”

“And because you must be the worst light-weight ever,” now it was Sauza laughing. “One strong drink and you’re fast asleep. There could be the mother of all meteor showers and you would sleep right through it after a glass.”

“We’re getting off the subject,” the taller soldier frowned as he tried to turn his attention back to his reading material. His low tolerance for alcohol was a subject that came up often enough when he was around the Ginyu’s. He didn’t know why Frieza favoured them so much sometimes.

“Ah you’re no fun…”

Then there was a silence between the two as Zarbon didn’t respond. Instead he managed to go back to whatever he was reading and Sauza watched him with his head and arms still in his lap. He briefly wondered what Zarbon might look like with a pair of reading glasses.

It was enough to make him laugh a little, but it quickly ended in a groan as he felt his stomach shift. His gut clenched and an unpleasant wave of nausea wrapped around his head.



“I think I’m going to be sick…”

That got Zarbon’s attention again.

“Not on my lap you’re not!” he cried out, quickly pushing Sauza off his legs. He watched carefully as the general curled up on the floor, still groaning and looking pale. He waited and watched but Sauza did nothing more than lie on the floor and look sorry for himself.

That was a relief. Having his quarters stink of alcohol was bad enough without half of someone’s stomach and gut spread over the floor.

That relief turned into something that was rare in Zarbon; pity. Sauza did look quite pathetic on his floor in a drunken heap. Cooler’s general should have a little more composure, even if they were alone and that this was a rare sight.

Quickly making a mental note of where he was, Zarbon left his book and knelt down beside the blonde. “Why don’t you lie down? Use my bed; I doubt you’ll be able to get back to where you’re staying in this state.”

It wasn’t like Sauza used his bedding arrangements when accompanying Cooler on his visits to his brother anyway.

Half walking, half leaning against Zarbon for the few steps that it took, Sauza practically fell onto the offered bed. Just as the green-haired man was about to return to his reading, he caught the hurt look on Sauzas face.

“You’re not staying with me? It’ll be strange sleeping in the bed without you.”

“While you’re drunk? Absolutely not.”


“Sauza…” Zarbon prided himself on being able to hold some patience. More in comparison to Dodoria at least. But it was beginning to stretch.

He knelt down beside him again and kissed Sauza briefly on the forehead.

“That’s all you’re getting until you’re sober.”

Sauza frowned. “You suck.”

“That’s a topic for later,” Zarbon couldn’t help the smirk that grew on his face as he got up to cross the room back to his seat. “And if you must be sick, try to do it on the floor and not in my bed.”



Zarbon stayed awake for the rest of the night, reading without too much interruption. Said interruption being Sauza making the occasional noise in his sleep. He was sure that he heard his name being mumbled now and again.

When he finally did hear something more audible, Zarbon checked his scouter and found that quite a few hours had passed.

“Ow… my fucking head…”

“It’s your own fault,” Zarbon left his seat once again to kneel by his bed. He almost laughed at the sight of blonde hair practically everywhere and eyes that were half open and tired. But he was able to control himself.

“Shut up. I didn’t throw up in your damn bed.”

“Good, then perhaps I’ll join you tonight,” he placed another swift kiss on Sauza’s forehead before standing and straightening himself in preparation to leave the room. “You picked a good day to have a hangover. The big meeting isn’t with King Cold until tomorrow. I should be able to cover for you today until you feel that you can stand properly.”

“Sure,” Sauza sat up a little, instantly noticing the pain in his head. He made himself another empty promise to never get that drunk… until next time. At least Zarbons words sounded a little more promising.

“Oh, and one more thing,” just before Zarbon went to leave, he happened to glance over at the ten bottles still in the corner of his room and was reminded of something. “It doesn’t matter whether you’re a guest accompanying Lord Cooler or not. If Jeice finds out that it was you who stole his rum, he will kill you.”