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Don't Let Go

One Piece
Dragonheart287 - Fanfiction

As another burst of laughter broke out amongst the crowd, Vegeta's scowl darkened as he watched the wide grin on Goku's face. He was always so happy no matter what circumstance he was in, even during the battle with Cell and when they were stuck inside Buu's body he had kept his smile.

Anyone would have thought that after settling down on Earth and having to spend a bit of time around him would have made the prince a little less hostile. But they couldn't have been more wrong. Inside, Vegeta's biggest desire was to slowly tear the Saiyan's body apart limb by limb. Cell by cell.

He still wanted the third class abomination to die for the embarrassment that he had caused him over the years. Ever since they had first met, Vegeta had found himself constantly in Goku's shadow no matter how hard he tried to catch up.

But there was something else that made Vegeta crave his vengeance. Even though on the outside he looked cold and hard, his heart was still in mourning, still depressed with the memory of a dead warrior who seemed completely forgotten by others.

Vegeta watched as Goku continued his story about the fight against Buu in Other World. His breath suddenly caught in his throat as a silent gasp as he watched the Saiyan's eyes narrow and a crafty smile spread over his face.

That look, it was just like the one belonging to the Saiyan that he still missed. It looked just like Radditz!

Suddenly feeling sick in the throat, Vegeta looked around the humid room for some sort of escape route. His eyes quickly fell upon the window next to the wall that he was leaning on, half-open with curtains gently floating in the soft evening breeze.

Glancing back at the crowd that had gathered for Bulma's party, he saw then all focusing their complete attention on Goku and his story.

Who would know if he went? Who would care?

Sliding the window open a bit more, Vegeta quietly slipped outside into the evening air and flew away without looking back.

Breaking through the clouds, he raised his head to watch the early stars as he headed towards the spot where he had lost the one Saiyan who had once meant everything to him.


Radditz stood and watched the view that he received from the small dark pool, almost as if he were hypnotised. He had been watching the view for many years, ignoring all other events that had happened around him.

The dark purple pool allowed those who were dead and condemned to hell to watch their loved ones for as long as they wanted without the need for food or water. But, just like everything in the Underworld, there was a catch.

You could only view what you wished once, if you looked away for just one moment then your time was up.

So he had stayed here ever since he had been sent down after his death, watching the events of the living world. He had been observing Vegeta for just over ten years now and knew exactly what he had been doing for that part of his life.

He knew about it all, going into battle against Kakarott, meeting his death at the hands of Frieza. He even knew about the prince having a child with an Earth woman, which had hurt him deeply.

But lately he had found that merely watching wasn't enough. He wanted to be with him again like he had been before, even if it was only for a short time. Anything to have the chance to hold him close again and hear his voice, two things that were denied to him here.

And he had found just the being to help him with that.

"So?" he didn't look at the tall demon that stood behind him as he spoke sharply. "You say that you can reunite me with prince Vegeta but what's the catch?"

"Just one," the creature's fat purple lips curved into a cruel smile. "You'll have one night with him and one night only. After that you will never see him again, not even in that pool."

Radditz frowned at the proposal and mentally kicked himself for not realising the obvious. One night wasn't really a long time and he would never see Vegeta again after that. Then again, what wouldn't he give for just one more minute alone with him?

"Very well," Radditz nodded, his eyes still fixed upon the image of Vegeta in flight. "One night but you keep your word and give me the full time, understand?"

"But of course," the demon's raspy voice came from behind him again. "You've stood there watching the Saiyan for over ten years now, that's the longest anyone has ever been able to stand."

"Then do it," no sooner had Radditz spoken these words, he watched as the bubbling purple pit faded before him as he was transported back into the living world.

[ I can't believe this moment's come

It's so incredible that we're alone

There's so much to be said and done

It's impossible not to be overcome

Will you forgive me if I feel this way

Cuz we've just met - tell me that's OK

So take this feeling 'n make it grow

Never let it - never let it go ]


The dark night was beginning to fall but Vegeta paid it no heed as he landed on the ground with a soft thud of his feet. Out before him stretched a large field that went as far as the eye could see with tall mountain scenery behind it. Dotted around the field were strange pink emu creatures sleeping in their different nests and, in the very centre, there was a big crater made from a large object and a fast impact.

The sight of this crater sent a twinge of pain to Vegeta's heart, stabbing deep into his soul. He remembered that place, he remembered listening to the whole thing years ago. However, he could still hear it in his head as clearly as if it had just happened.

What hurt him even more was remembering why Radditz had left in the first place. Just before, they had had a fierce argument, about what he no longer remembered, and Radditz had left for Earth with his brother as an excuse.

Even after he had been killed, Vegeta had stayed angry with him and had refused to have Radditz wished back with the Dragonballs.

But now he heavily regretted it. On the outside he was the cold warrior prince that everyone knew him as but most of that had just been an extremely good act.

Inside he was still mourning. Every day that had passed had added an extra bullet wound in his heart until he felt like giving it up all together and running a blade down his wrist.

But he hadn't, he had stayed. For his son.

His breath misted slightly in the chilled air as he closed his eyes and sighed. The child, how could he forget about his son? The only thing that stood between him and being reunited with his lover, the noose around his neck that kept on pulling him back.

But he couldn't leave; he had promised himself that he would be there for his child, especially after listening to the others doubting his capabilities of being a father.

It wasn't as if he hadn't tried to find him when he had been sent to Other World. But he had only been dead for a day or so each time and hell had been much bigger than he had first thought.

His heart sank in his chest as he allowed his memory to slip back to the times that he had spent with Radditz before it had all gone wrong.

~ * ~ Flashback ~ * ~

"Hey!" Vegeta suddenly yelped as Radditz suddenly tackled him from behind and pinned him to the floor. "Quit it! That's not fair!"

"Since when did you start caring about fair?" Radditz laughed as he flipped Vegeta over onto his back underneath him. "Besides, don't I deserve a break after you beat me up today?"

"I was not beating you up, I was trying to train you," Vegeta rolled his eyes. "Maybe you wouldn't be so weak if you actually - stop that!"

"Come now," Radditz bent down to brush his lips against the base of the prince's neck as his tail stroked and squeezed Vegeta's. "You and I both know that you love it."

Vegeta just smiled and allowed Radditz to take his lips with his own. It was true, he did enjoy it but that was just the Saiyan way. Even if he had managed to block the pain that occurred when someone attacked his tail he had found it impossible to block the feeling of Radditz's warm touch.

He knew exactly what Radditz wanted; sometimes it seemed that food and sex were the only two things that the larger Saiyan would think about. But, despite this, he would sometimes allow Radditz to dominate him simply because, for some insane reason, he enjoyed it.

As the two souls clashed and tongues danced, Vegeta slowly slipped into the moment and twitched his tail to return the caress.

~ * ~ End of Flashback ~ * ~

"Come back Radditz," he whispered to the stars as he opened his eyes. "I'm not angry with you anymore. I never really was."

"Hey, no problem."

[ (Don't let go of the things you believe in)

You gave me something that I can believe in

(Don't let go of this moment in time)

Go of this moment in time

(Don't let go of the things that you're feeling)

I can't explain the things that I'm feeling

(Don't let go)

No, I won't let go ]

Vegeta's eyes widened and his heart skipped a beat as he heard the voice behind him. A voice that he had only been hearing in his dreams for so many years. His breathing became deeper and quicker and his hands shook slightly as he turned to face a tall well built Saiyan with long black hair down to his knees and a small halo floating just above his head.

"Hey Vegeta," Radditz's soft eyes met Vegeta's as the prince's mouth hung open in shock. "Long time no see."

"I - I - Rad - Radditz," Vegeta took a step backwards as his eyes went as wide as they would go. "I - this - is this real?"

"Of course it's real," Radditz came up close to Vegeta to cup his chin in one hand. "I'll prove it to you."

Lifting Vegeta's chin, Radditz leaned forward to capture Vegeta's lips in a kiss. He felt Vegeta stiffen slightly but that was perfectly understandable under the circumstances. After all, it wasn't everyday that your dead lover reappeared in front of you.

Running the tip of his tongue over the prince's bottom lip, Radditz pulled Vegeta against him to wrap his arms and tail around the smaller body.

His tongue then darted inside the mouth, hungry to taste what he had missed for so long and savour it. A small sound, something between a groan and a sob, slipped from Vegeta as his arms snaked up to cling to the back of the taller Saiyan's neck.

He felt Radditz's tail loop itself around his waist and mentally cursed whoever had cut off his own. He still had to find the culprit and make him pay for depriving him of his Saiyan identity.

Putting the thought aside, Vegeta allowed himself to become lost in the moment. Nothing else seemed to exist anymore; it was just him and Radditz, just like he had always wished it to be. He felt nothing but Radditz's lips against his and the strong firm hands gently placed on his hip and back.

Radditz's tongue withdrew from the depths of his mouth slightly to rub against the one of the smaller Saiyan. Nearing the tip, he suddenly felt the prince lift his to curl and slide around his tongue to return the hungry kiss. Feeling his heart rise for a second, Radditz joined in the passionate dance as he thought about how much he had missed this and how long he had wanted to feel Vegeta like this again. It really was a shame that the prince had lost his tail, he had always enjoyed the furry appendage twirling around and playing with his.

As he finally found it within himself to break away, he heard a small moan of protest from his lover. Taking his chin again, Radditz lifted Vegeta's face to get a good look at it. In the moonlight he looked so beautiful and the very thought of having that perfect body writhing beneath him again sent shudders of electricity shooting up and down his spine.

"You've changed a lot," he said as his eyes ran down Vegeta's body once before coming back up to his face, his mouth beginning to water slightly at the sight of the tight spandex suit being his only barrier to his lover. "Been through a bit of a growth spurt I see. And that clothing makes you look even more irrestible which I never thought to be possible."

"I see that you haven't changed though," there was a touch of amusement in Vegeta's tone as he rolled his eyes. "Sex and food still seems to be the only two things that you think about."

"The body doesn't age in Other World."

"Which brings me to my question, how is it that you're here?" Vegeta's eyebrows knitted together in confusion. "I doubt that those idiots would have revived you with the Dragonballs, they've probably forgotten all about you. Besides, you've still got you halo."

"There are a few creatures with the power to grant one wish to a dead soul in Other World," a small smirk flashed across Radditz's face. "I was fortunate to have one of them stumble across me and my request was to be reunited with you, even if it was just for one night. I've been watching you ever since I died and I missed you during every last second of it."

Vegeta's eyes suddenly widened and his mouth dropped. If Radditz had been watching him then it was very likely that he knew all about Bulma and Trunks. And about constantly being in the shadow of a low class Saiyan, being humiliated by Frieza and even being beaten in strength by an eleven year old half breed.

If Radditz knew about all that then why the hell did he still want him? After everything that had happened to him to shame his people, how could Radditz still have any feelings for him at all?

"Vegeta, the past is the past. Just let it go for now," Radditz gently breathed onto his skin as he nuzzled Vegeta's neck, sensing the frustration and doubt. "I've never lost any love for you no matter what. What happened to you doesn't matter, I will always love you."

"What's the catch?" Vegeta tried to change the subject and chase away his sudden fears as he recalled what had happened when Goku had returned to fight in the Martial Arts Tournament. "They wouldn't just let you come back here just like that, especially not with your past record. What's the catch to all this?"

"The catch is that I only get one night with you and then I'm not allowed to see you ever again," as he spoke, Radditz's lips slowly crept closer and closer to Vegeta's. "So, we'd better make it count."

[ Now would you mind if I bared my soul

If I came right out and said you're beautiful

Cuz there's something here I can't explain

I feel I'm diving into driving rain

You get my senses running wild

I can't resist your sweet, sweet smile

So take this feeling'n make it grow

Never let it - never let it go ]

Vegeta opened his mouth to reply but never got the chance as Radditz pressed their lips together again, his kiss wild and hungry for the taste that had been denied to him for so long. The prince felt his heart jump right into his mouth from the surprise but soon found himself leaning into the larger Saiyan to return the loving gesture.

Once again, just like the old times, everything around them was forgotten and nothing else seemed to exist during the moment. They stood; standing out against the large moon that hung low in the sky that night, only around three-quarters of it showing.

Even though the moon wasn't full that night, the two Saiyans joined together with a heated passion as their lips pressed together and the two tongues twisted and twirled around each other in some sort of erotic dance. Both had missed each other so much during their separation that it had almost torn them slowly to shreds. But now, reunited, both were hungry for the taste of each other before they were forced apart again.

The smaller Saiyan was only barely aware of Radditz's tail as it snaked up and down his back before pushing its way upwards between Vegeta's top and the skin of his back. Almost without realising, he tightened the grip that his gloved fist had on the back of Radditz's head to bury the hand even further into the thick strands of long dark hair. Radditz spread his fingers on the hand that lay over Vegeta's back to bring his partner even closer.

Withdrawing his tongue slightly to gently run it along Vegeta's bottom lip, Radditz pulled away again slightly so that the tips of their noses were touching as he gazed into the deep onyx eyes.

They had changed so much. Before they had shown some life in them but at the same time the light that had shone had been dimming, which had broken Radditz's heart every time he looked into Vegeta's eyes only to see the light slowly burning out. But now they were different. The once dull and almost lifeless eyes had come alive and were shining like two lone stars over the grasslands for all to see.

Frieza was finally gone and Vegeta was alive and healthy again. He was free now to go where he pleased and make his own choices, not follow every command like a dog on a leash. The invisible chains that had once held him down were broken but there was something that he needed to be sure of before he continued.

"Vegeta, do you want this?" he leaned over slightly to lightly brush his lips against Vegeta's ear as he spoke softly. He remembered the first time that they had really been together. Although Radditz had been in relationships before Vegeta hadn't and it had been his first time. He could still remember the tears burning in the back of his eyelids that he refused to release. "If you feel awkward about this being a one night stand then -"

Pulling away slightly, Vegeta placed a finger on his lips to silence the taller Saiyan before gently nuzzling the side of his neck, purring softly. "It's nothing like that, this is no one night stand. I've missed you Radditz and, like you've said, tonight should count."

"Just making sure," Radditz replied before the tail that was still caught underneath Vegeta's shirt suddenly lurched forwards to take the tight material with it and reduce it to large shreds, which scattered across the ground.

"You haven't changed at all have you?" Vegeta chuckled slightly.

"I just want to show you what you mean to me. Besides, I still remember it being my turn."

"Trust you."

Radditz smiled before he started to run his mouth along the base of Vegeta's neck and up to his chin. Feeling the soft moan as it rumbled in the prince's throat, he drew him right up close with one hand as the other slowly travelled further down his back.

Vegeta suddenly felt a hand run over his hips before it rested on his backside.

'Two can play at this game,' he smiled to himself.

Although it was hard pressed right up against the warm body, Vegeta managed to silently slip one hand down until it ran over the catches at one side of Radditz's armour. Unhooking it, he was about to slide it off when a tail wrapping around his arm suddenly stopped him.

The older Saiyans face suddenly came right up into his, eyes shining and a small smile on his lips. Once Vegeta thought about it, maybe he was the older now seeing as the body didn't age in Other World. But, at that moment in time, he couldn't have cared less as he watched Radditz slide his armour off to expose his broad chest and shoulders. Vegeta couldn't help but become lost as he ran his eyes up and down the Saiyan body. Despite trying to keep a mental picture in his mind, he had forgotten just how stunning Radditz could look with his long black hair framing his muscular figure and quickly swallowed as he felt his mouth begin to water.

"Lost something," Vegeta flushed slightly as Radditz's voice brought him back to reality and he realised that his mouth had been hanging open slightly.

"No," Vegeta sighed quietly; his breath misting slightly in the cold air as the night closed in. "I just missed you."

Smiling, Radditz reached out and brought Vegeta against him again to envelope him in his arms. As he felt a pair of lips come up against his once again, he returned the kiss and purred softly as a hand slowly travelled down before gripping the hem of his pants.

[ (Don't let go of the things you believe in)

You give me something that I can believe in

(Don't let go of this moment in time)

Go of this moment in time

(Don't let go of things that you're feeling)

I can't explain the things that I'm feeling

(Don't let go)

No, I won't let go ]

Before he could stop himself, Vegeta yelped as Radditz used one foot to trip him and the next thing he knew he was lying flat on his back on the ground, stripped of his bottoms. A second later, he felt a warm body come on top of him and came face to face with Radditz again.

Hearing the slight rustle of more material being tossed aside, Vegeta looked straight into Radditz's dark eyes to see his reflection as well as something else.

Before they had gone their separate ways after the argument they had both loved each other but had to keep this strictly undercover during the day. Back on Frieza's ship there had been many who would have used it to their advantage if they had known and it could have resulted in the death of either one or both of them.

So, knowing this, they actually tried to avoid each other for most of the day in-case their eyes met and someone spotted what was going on between them. But, when night came, they would be reunited and would either make love or just sleep together. Because his room was closer to Frieza's quarters, Vegeta would always go to Radditz.

But now, looking into his eyes, Vegeta could see pain, the pain of loss. All those years ago when Radditz had died he had not only lost his life, they had lost each other. Among this he could also see the relief of being reunited, the dread of having to return back to the dead world once this night was through and the desire to be with him again.

Radditz grunted as he shifted himself slightly on top of the smaller Saiyan. "You ready?"

"I am."

Despite Radditz leaning in to kiss him again, Vegeta's breath still caught sharply in his throat as he felt Radditz enter him. The kiss broke as the larger Saiyan breathed out deeply and arched his back, a few strands of long hair falling over his shoulders as his head bent back towards the moon.

Feeling the push inside him again, Vegeta let out a low moan this time. It had been such a long time since he had felt anything like this. Already he could feel his chest rising heavily up and then down again as his heart raced with building pleasure.

He shuddered slightly as he felt some of Radditz's hair brush against his shoulder and hot breath come heavily against his cheek as the head was brought back down again.

"Damn, I missed this."

Vegeta raised an eyebrow to try and look annoyed at this statement but found that it didn't last for very long. Although to some it may sound like Radditz only liked to use him for pleasure he knew that it was about as far away from the truth as it could get. He knew how much Radditz loved him; he felt exactly the same.

Feeling Radditz's lips kiss him over his chest and neck felt like fire being lit all over his body as a sweet sensitive spot inside him was pressed against to make him cry out. It did feel painful, it always was, but the pleasure that accompanied it always dominated. Opening his eyes to see the sky full of stars, he saw his vision start to swim as he started to drown in the lost feeling of pleasure and want that he had finally found again. His fists came away from where they had been gripping the grass that he lay on to dig their fingers into Radditz's hair and back.

"I swear Vegeta, if you ever loved another as much as I love you then that would be my true death."

Vegeta opened his mouth to try and answer but all that came out was another soft moan as Radditz continued to expertly move in and out of his body, knowing which spots would bring pleasure, which spots would bring pain. He knew exactly which buttons to press to make the prince writhe beneath him. He knew where to push against to make him bleed from somewhere deep inside his body.

His tail twisted around Vegeta's lower leg to spread it slightly and give him further access, pushing in harder and deeper with each thrust. He shifted himself slightly to give himself more balance before taking Vegeta's lips with everything that he had. He became wild and hungry as his tongue explored deep into the moist pit, nearly choking his lover at one point.

Vegeta's heart gave another small jump as Radditz dug his fangs into his bottom lip and slowly sucked at the blood that began to seep out. Keeping some blood on his tongue, he went into Vegeta's mouth again where another joined it and they engaged within another excited dance and became smeared with the Saiyan blood.

Radditz growled deeply as Vegeta's tongue kept on pushing against his, forbidding him further entrance. He wanted to taste him so badly, to run his eyes over the body beneath him to build a new mental map with his hands drawing out the smooth curves of muscle that had taken a lifetime of training to gain and perfect.

Shifting his weight again, resulting in pushing himself even harder against Vegeta's lower body, Radditz ran a hand down the smooth skin of the prince's chest. He groaned softly as Vegeta broke the kiss and pulled his head down slightly to allow his tongue to play with his earlobe before nipping it sharply.

"I could never love anyone as much as I love you," Vegeta's reply finally came and Radditz felt as if his heart had just grown wings and flown up to the heavens. He knew about Vegeta going with the female with the blue hair and even producing an heir to his bloodline but, surprisingly, he didn't feel any jealousy towards this now.

It had been clear to him how much Vegeta had missed him and he had felt exactly the same.

The prince felt completely lost in a new dimension as Radditz continued to thrust harder and deeper into his body. Everything about this night had his senses swimming. The tip of the tail stroking his inner thigh as it held his leg up slightly, the kisses of fire slipping over his chest and neck, the hand leaving an icy trail as it ran over his skin, the waves of pure pleasure that rushed up his backbone to crash into his skull and make him shudder.

"Argh - Rad - Radditz - " he screamed out his partner's name as everything became too much for him. The heat was radiating from both bodies to make the air around them hot, stuffy and hard to breathe in. Both of them were starting to pant slightly as they explored each other with their lips and teeth, soft animal growls coming from each of them.

With every passing minute, Radditz would push in harder and harder, his skin rubbing against Vegeta's erection to make him cry out and squirm slightly underneath him.

Neither wanted the night to end. Somehow they both hoped that time had stopped so that they would never have to be separated again, so that they wouldn't have to feel the pain of their hearts slowly being eaten up a little more after every passing day.

But both knew that this wouldn't happen.

"Argh! Damn it Radditz!" Vegeta's head was thrown back as Radditz somehow managed to lift him up onto his hips slightly. He spread his legs wider, hoping that it would help with the sudden pain but with no such luck. "You know that I hate that!"

"Why do you think I do it?" Radditz had a sly smirk on his face as he nuzzled Vegeta's neck. "It's not everyday that I get to dominate the great prince Vegeta after all."

Vegeta gave him a warning look before he decided to play along and rested his hands on Radditz's shoulders, arching his back. The taller Saiyan slowly ran his tongue up his chest and onto his neck as he pushed upwards, relishing the feeling of Vegeta's skin rubbing against his and the sound of the soft pants and moans that mixed in with his.

Relaxing slightly and off guard, Radditz suddenly found himself being pushed down onto his back with Vegeta on top of him, crying out as the spot inside him was pushed against hard. He opened his eyes to see the prince smirking down at him, laughing softly in his throat.

"So that's how you want to play is it?" Radditz smiled as he gripped Vegeta's shoulders and flipped them both over so that the prince was on the ground and he was on top of him again.

As the night went on, the play continued. The cold air of the night became hot and musty around them and was filled with the growls and cries of the two Saiyans as Radditz took him over and over again.


[ I've been waiting all my life

To make this moment feel so right

The feel of you just fills the night

So c'mon - just hold on tight ]

Dawn was only about an hour or so away now and Radditz dreaded it coming. He just wanted to stay here in the bushes that lined the field, where they had somehow.

Beside him Vegeta had just slipped into sleep, cushioning his head on Radditz's shoulder. He wanted things to stay like this, with Vegeta next to him, enveloped in his arms where it was safe, where no one could hurt him. Radditz had only left Vegeta that night to retrieve their clothing from where it had been tossed aside for when the time came for them to separate again.

Inside he could feel his heart start to ache again as he stared down at the sleeping face. Radditz had tried running his eyes over the rest of the princes body but had found that he was unable to tear his gaze away from that beautiful face. The image that he built with his hands would have to do as they slowly slid over Vegeta's body, picking out every single dip and curve that it possessed.

How he wished that it could stay like this forever, the two of them together. It was just like old times. Radditz was usually always the one to wake up first and see Vegeta sleeping peacefully beside him as soon as he opened his eyes. It was just about the only thing good about the day under Frieza's command.

He let some time pass before he reluctantly shifted Vegeta from him to lay the smaller body on the ground. The prince shifted slightly in his sleep as he felt the source of warmth leave him, softly murmuring Radditz's name.

The Saiyan quickly dressed himself and slid Vegeta's underwear and trousers back on to prevent him from catching an illness, even though that was highly unlikely in a Saiyan.

As he saw the sun start to rise out of the corner of his eye, Radditz knelt down to softly kiss Vegeta's lips one last time, taking in every taste and touch sensation that he was allowed through these precious last seconds.

"Don't let go Vegeta," a single tear slowly slid down his face as he whispered quietly in his ear. "Never let go, promise me that."

Radditz stayed kneeling beside his lover, holding tightly onto his hand until his time with Vegeta ran out and he returned to the dead world.

[ (Don't let go of the things you believe in)

You give me something that I can believe in

(Don't let go of this moment in time)

Go of this moment in time

(Don't let go of things that you're feeling)

I can't explain the things that I'm feeling

(Don't let go)

No, I won't let go ]

A bird singing from somewhere in the tree tops above him brought Vegeta out of his sleep. Keeping his eyes closed he reached out for Radditz only to bring his hand down on a patch of grass.

Opening his eyes, Vegeta sat up and glanced around only to see no sign of the larger Saiyan. It was as if he had vanished off the face of the Earth.


Then Vegeta felt his heart sink as he remembered why he could no longer see Radditz, he had vanished off the face of the Earth. He had only been allowed to return for one night and now it had passed, he was all alone once again.

The prince sighed sadly as he gazed down at the ground. At least it hadn't all been a dream. Vegeta could still feel Radditz's lips on his, feel him inside him, feel the hot breath on his neck. He could even still smell Radditz's scent all over him.

It hadn't been a dream; it had all been real. But now Radditz was gone forever and he wouldn't be able to see him again.

His eyes suddenly strayed and spotted something sitting in-between the long blades of grass. Picking it up, he brought it up to examine it but knew what the object was as soon as he smelt it.

It was Radditz. This was a lock of his hair, left behind for Vegeta to remember him by. He almost felt like crying as he held it tightly in his fist and clutched it against his heart.

A new hope was born inside him just then. He knew that now he wouldn't be able to see Radditz and Radditz wouldn't be able to see him. But he also knew that one day he would be dead and unable to be revived with the Dragonballs. With his past record he was bound to go to hell but that didn't worry him in the slightest.

Radditz would be there too. Other World was big but forever was a long time. A small smile slid onto his face.

Somehow, someday they would be together again.

"I won't let go."

[ No don't let go

No I won't let go ]

~*~ THE END ~*~