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Secret Feeding

One Piece
Dragonheart287 - Fanfiction

His stomach gave yet another noisy growl and Naruto sank further down against the post that he had been tied to. He was getting so hungry that he could hardly stand it. He would definitely have to be more careful about stealing the food next time.

Glancing down beside him Naruto watched almost in envy as Sakura ate another piece of the meal that she had been given and felt his empty stomach clench even tighter. He knew that their Sensei had given orders for him not to be fed but it couldn’t hurt to try could it? Taking a quick scan of the area to make sure that he wasn’t around, Naruto twisted to face Sakura.

“Hey, if you’re not going to eat all of that you know where to send it,” he put on his best grin. “Wouldn’t want good food to go to waste after all.”

“If you’re trying to scam me out of my food, it’s a pathetic attempt,” she spared him a sideways glance before setting her food down on the ground. Standing up she shot a wary look towards a far off line of trees. “I’ll be right back. And I expect you not to try and take a peak!”

“Why?” the blonde ninja blinked. “Where are you going?”

“Urgh!” Sakura gave an annoyed groan as she spun on her heels and headed off into the forest.

“Man, girls are strange sometimes,” no sooner had he spoken, Naruto’s stomach gave another thunderous growl that seemed to echo over the whole forest.

All of a sudden he could feel Sasuke’s eyes on him and looked down, trying to control what he could of his stomach. Hearing something shift he was more then a little surprised to find the other ninja right in front of him when he looked back up.

Naruto opened his mouth to question him but never really got a chance. He froze when Sasuke’s head dipped forward to press their mouths together. Even though his mind was racing he still managed to recognise the feeling of a piece of food being pushed into his mouth.

Smiling against Sasuke’s lips, he drew the piece of food into his mouth, his tongue briefly running against Sasuke’s as he did so. As quickly as it had appeared, Sasuke’s lips left him to allow Naruto to chew and swallow the food that he had been given. It helped to satisfy him a little and in more ways then one.


Sasuke just grunted. Naruto wasn’t really sure but he thought that he saw a streak of red quickly flush across Sasuke’s cheeks.