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Nearly Caught

One Piece
Dragonheart287 - Fanfiction

As soon as he heard the door click softly as it shut Honda slowly cracked open one eye. When he was sure that whoever it was had gone, the duellist lifted his head to glance around to truly make sure that they were alone.

Feeling certain, he began to laugh. It started off muffled with him biting his bottom lip hard to try and contain it but ended up being beaten out of his chest to echo a little off the walls.

“I’m glad you find this funny,” his partner sounded annoyed as he rolled over, prying his arm out from underneath Honda. “We almost got caught!”

“Where’s your sense of fun?” Honda managed to speak out, his burst of laughter now dying down. He couldn’t help but reach out and brush back some of the long strands of black hair that hung over Otogi’s forehead. As far as Honda knew, he was the only one who Otogi ever let touch his hair. “We could have been caught, true, but we weren’t.”

“We might not be so lucky next time,” Otogi sat up, still frowning.

Honda was about to reply but decided against it right away. Instead he shifted and sat up to come to Otogi’s level. Reaching out he took hold of his chin, pulling the black haired male a little closer towards his. Their lips met in the middle, the hand that had been on Otogi chin snaking round to the back of his head to hold him in place. At first his partner seemed reluctant but Honda felt him quickly relax against him.

Keeping their lips locked, Honda lay back down, pulling Otogi down on top of him. Hearing a low moan, Honda briefly ran his tongue over Otogi’s bottom lip to draw another low noise of pleasure. Running his hand down his back, Honda could still feel a tension in his new lover. Opening his eyes he could see those bright green orbs that he loved so much concentrated on the door.

Although Otogi himself would never admit it, Honda knew that he was worried about someone nearly catching them again. They had been lucky before but had only just been able to break away from each other in time.

“How about we continue this when we’re a little more alone?” Honda suggested, knowing that Otogi wouldn’t be one to voice his worried thoughts.

Otogi smiled down at him, a smile that Honda had only seen directed at him. He dropped down a little to lay beside him, keeping his arms around Honda to stay close to him. Nuzzling his neck gently he replied, “sounds good to me.”