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When You Laugh
One Piece
Dragonheart287 - Fanfiction

When You Laugh

Vivi ran through the streets of Alubarna, quickly returning the smiles and waves that were directed towards her as she went. All around her there was the most wonderful sound of rain falling onto the roofs, into pots and to the ground. She loved the splashing of the puddles as her feet ran through them. In a way it was like being a child again, back when Alabasta had been a more peaceful place, without the drought that had nearly torn the people apart.

But now those awful times were over and the kingdom was peaceful again. At this moment she was focused upon something else. Upon aiding the people who had been there to help her. It was true that they had told her that they would make their way to the palace when they were ready, but the princess simply couldn’t wait any longer. After all, she was their nakama.

She rounded a corner and then there they were, all passed out on the wet ground except for one. That one was Nami, who was currently pushing herself onto her knees. Vivi held a large fondness for each one of the small crew, even the ship herself, but Nami was the one that she had grown the closest to.

“N – Nami,” Vivi called out, her breath catching in her throat with relief and happiness. “Nami, over here! I came back for you!”

The navigator looked towards her with bewildered eyes for a moment before recognizing the blue hair that was plastered to Vivi’s forehead. Nami smiled and was about to speak when Vivi’s body fell into hers, and the girls found themselves sprawled over the wet ground.

“Thank you,” Vivi pushed her face against Nami’s neck, still able to smell the perfume there. “Thank you so much! I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

Then Vivi’s body began to tremble a little with something that was both laughter and tears at the same time. Not moving from the ground, Nami wrapped her arms around the princess’ middle, rubbing her back slowly.

“It’s good to hear you laughing again,” she spoke into Vivi’s ear. “You sound so much prettier when you’re happy.”