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After Sun

One Piece
Dragonheart287 - Fanfiction

“Ow!” Vivi jolted her hand back at Nami’s quiet yet sharp hiss of pain. “Not so hard huh?”

“Sorry Nami-san, I’m nearly done,” despite Nami’s discomfort, the princess smiled and squirted a little more of the after sun lotion into her hand. “How’s it feeling now?”

“It still stings a little,” Nami spoke with a small sigh as Vivi stroked her back with the cooling lotion. “But it’ll be okay for tomorrow.”

“You’re going to sunbathe again tomorrow? Nami-san, you know that can be dangerous.”

“Hey, don’t worry,” Nami turned her head a little to give the blue-haired girl a reassuring smile. “I promise I won’t stay out long and that I won’t fall asleep again. Besides, I’ve always got you to help me.”

“As long as you’re careful,” Vivi returned the smile. Nami was well aware of the dangers of the sun but she saw nothing wrong in giving the navigator a small reminder every now and again. She was probably right; had she not fallen asleep on this day then she wouldn’t be suffering such a bad burn. Furthermore, Luffy wouldn’t have suffered a bump on the head after making an innocent reference to a lobster.

As the last of the after sun lotion disappeared into Nami’s skin, Vivi closed the cap of the bottle and went to wipe her hands on a small towel. “There, all done. It should feel better soon.”

“Hey, Vivi,” Nami turned fully, a teasing smile on her face. “Would you mind rubbing some of that on my front as well?”

“What? Nami-san, you didn’t get burnt on your…” Vivi stopped when Nami slid the straps of her bikini top down her arms, allowing it to fall to the floor with a soft thud. “Oh…” the princess smiled, a faint blush spreading over her cheeks. “I see.”

Giggling and shuffling closer to her girlfriend, Nami took Vivi’s hand and started to guide it towards her body, at the same time leaning in to kiss her.