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Theme #3 - Jolt

One Piece
Dragonheart287 - Fanfiction

“Well, looks like we’ll be here for a while,” Musica spoke with a groan as he watched who he assumed was the theme park’s mechanic shake his head and wonder away. It was true that he hadn’t really had much experience of these things but he was still sure that such a gesture wasn’t a good sign. Leaning back he made the seat sway slightly on the poles that held it onto the frame work of the Ferris wheel.

“Great,” Haru gave a soft sigh as he rested his arms on the fitted safety bar, feeling the small bite that the cold metal gave his skin. A small smile pulled at the sides of his mouth as he scanned the crowd below. “At least Elie doesn’t seem to know we’re missing yet.”

“Still at the shooting practice huh?” the silver claimer leaned over to see, again causing the seat to sway a little.

Sure enough, there was Elie still at the shooting gallery side attraction where they had last seen her. As always, she managed to hit every target first time, much to the amazement of the gawking crowd that had stopped to watch. From what the two on top of the ride could see, there was no sign of anyone running the attraction. Most likely he had taken refuge under something after getting a close up view of how violent Elie could get with these things.

This had started when the town that they had originally intended to just pass through happened to have a small theme park. In addition it was holding a special event, offering free entry before midday; most likely, they guessed, through a growing lack of interest in the place. It had originally been Haru’s idea to go in; his adolescence getting the better of him, but it was Elie who had ended up dragging them in after a small debate. Almost at once she had headed for the gambling side attractions, delighted to find that there was also a shooting gallery included.

At first it had been fun to watch but it hadn’t taken long for Haru and Musica to become bored and restless and had ended up sneaking away to see what else they could find. The first thing that they had come across was a Ferris wheel.

Why they had decided to try it they didn’t know at this particular moment but both regretted the decision now. Unfortunately the ride had broken down right when they had reached the top, leaving them stranded.

“Hey, question,” Haru’s eyes were going through the crowd below again. “Where are Plue and Griff? I don’t see them with Elie.”

“I’m surprised that we were even able to get them in here,” Musica joined him in his search, briefly recalling the odd look that the woman behind the ticket counter had given them upon spotting the two strange creatures. She was either able to hold her manners exceedingly well or purely didn’t believe what she was seeing but, either way, she didn’t make a fuss at all. Luckily, with the theme park being quite small and the missing creatures themselves being fairly recognisable it didn’t take long for them to be located.

“There!” the older boy pointed down to an area set a little to the side. Sure enough, there they were. Griff was set up behind a wooden create where he had got from who knows where. As far as they could tell from their position in the air, he was placing something round under one of three coconut shells and shuffling them around at a blinding speed. Plue, not to the surprise of Haru or Musica, was sat behind him with a bottle attached to his mouth. A bottle that they could only hope wasn’t alcohol.

“What does that idiot think he’s doing!” the hand that Musica had been gripping the safety bar with tightened. “He set up his own side attraction! He’s going to get us thrown out!”

“If we ever get down from here,” the obvious frustration in his partner’s voice somehow brought him back to earth and made him realise the actual situation.

It had been Haru’s idea to come here in the first place after all. He had a large responsibility weighing on his shoulders, that was true, but he was still young. Why shouldn’t he have just one day every so often where he could just be the kid that he still was? But now, on that day, they were stuck on a broken down ride and wouldn’t be getting down for who knew how long. It wasn’t exactly an ideal way to spend your time.

“You know, we were looking for somewhere to be alone,” somehow able to forget about Griff’s personal gambling for a while, Musica turned back to a now disheartened Haru. “And I don’t see anyone else around.”

“What?” Haru suddenly seemed to grow a little shy, still new to this whole romantic relationship thing. “What about the people in front of us?”

“Them?” glancing down, all Musica could see was the back of the seat and the tops of two heads belonging to who appeared to be two teenagers. From the sound of things, they were too busy discussing something about who had slept with whom. But it was surprising how sounds could carry sometimes so he shifted a little closer to Haru and lowered his voice. “They won’t see us; they appear to be too busy with their own affairs. Besides, you’re never going to see them again anyway.”

A small noise came from Haru’s throat as he bit his bottom lip and turned to face his lap, still aware of Musica hovering over his shoulder, waiting for an answer. It didn’t take him long to come to a decision either. What else was there to do after all?

“Alright,” he turned back, a little surprised to find that Musica had approached him a little more. “But judging by how this seat sways, you go no further then a kiss.”

“What makes you think I would?”

“Because it’s only since I’ve become your boyfriend that I’ve realised what a pervert you can be.”

“Fine,” as much as he wanted to frown at that moment, Musica could do nothing to wipe the grin off his face. “But you’ll owe me later.”

“Fine,” Haru laid a hand on Musica’s shoulder and the deal was sealed with a kiss. Haru’s kiss was still a little unsure and almost clumsy in some ways. Considering that he had grown up on an island that was pretty much in the middle of nowhere, it came as no surprise. In some ways, Haru’s inexperience in this field was sometimes quite endearing.

Musica allowed Haru to take his kiss, waiting until he broke away a little before the more experienced of the two took over. Their noses bumped together at first but they were quickly able to find each other. Haru’s lips were tested a little; Musica’s gently brushing over them before the silver haired opened his mouth.

The thief took his invitation, gently slipping his tongue into Haru’s mouth and moving to slide on top of him a little. With the safety bar in the way it wasn’t easy but he was willing to put up with the slight discomfort of the rusting metal pressing into leg for now.

As soon as one of Haru’s hands threaded itself through Musica’s hair, the other still attached to his shoulder, the seat beneath them jolted suddenly. Mostly out of surprise, the hand on the shoulder flew off to grip the nearest part of the seat but otherwise Haru stayed exactly as it was, both of them assuming that it had been their movements that had caused that sudden jolt.

The seat swung a little more smoothly after that but neither of the pair paid it any mind. As long as it didn’t flip over completely there wasn’t really any danger.

It was only when the feet that were hanging over touched the ground that they were both taken by real surprise and froze.

After Musica had slid his tongue out of Haru’s mouth, they both remained exactly as they were for a moment. With their lips almost touching, both seemed to be silently questioning the other as to what had happened. Neither really knew the answer.

“Haru! Get out from under Musica and get Plue under control!”

It was Elie’s voice that brought the pair of lovers back to earth. Slowly, each turned to see quite a lot. The ride had been fixed, that was obvious as they were now back down at the ground with the waiting crowd either staring at amazement or talking amongst themselves. There were a few disapproving looks but, as Musica had said before, when were they ever going to see these people again?

That jolt, then, must have been the ride getting back into motion, both realised.

A horrendous screech coming from behind Elie, who had a large blue stuffed bear slung over her back, was the next thing to get their attention. It seemed that, unfortunately, the bottle that Plue had been attached to was alcohol. Where he had got it from was a question that would have to wait seeing as now he was attached to a woman with a white fur coat, humping it for all his worth.

Another cry came from just behind that scene and Griff briefly came into view, being closely perused by two people dressed in security uniform.

Musica stared after the odd looking creature, then at the drunken Plue who was now being swung around in the air as the woman tried to detach him from her coat. He then turned to an annoyed Elie, then to Haru who was blushing deeply and looked as though for once he was completely clueless as to what to do.

Slowly, he reached into his back pocket and drew out a loose note of money. Turning to the woman who was operating the ride, a look of pure shock on her face, he simply smiled and held the note toward her.

“Would you mind if we went round again miss?”